Our Story

Our story begins on the porch of a sister,  on hot July day, ice cold lemonade, cicadas buzzing, dogs lolling around too hot to bark at the delivery man, discussing dog collars of course and not finding what we wanted. And how could we help all those dogs in need?

 It was the beginning of an idea born from need and love.  Where all great ideas start of course.  We’ve moved from the front porch but the passion and desire to connect us better to our pets has only grown with every collar, lead, and keychain. 

And as we build our business we are able to give back to animals in need.  Through our products  we  honor the connections our pets create and  with gratitude give to animal causes we love.

We design to Create. We design to Connect. Creating Connection one dog collar at a time.


Our Inspiration

Kate Coffin is the founder and creative force behind Otis & Roo. Her love of horses and nature was the spark that lead to a of passion for animals. Years later, she decided to follow a life long dream working with animals. 

This search lead her to the SPCA and training as a veterinarian nurse where she saw everyday the needs of abused, abandoned, and sick animals. At the same time she found her first  dog Lucy: a failed Seeing Eye dog that came with a serious heart condition. And then Roo and Marcus came into her life; sick little kittens she nursed back to health and stole her heart.    

After she left the SPCA these 3 unique and amazing sweethearts became the inspiration for Otis & Roo.  Her love of these animals and a desire to create beautiful and unique products is what has become Otis & Roo.